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Leave a living legacy

In many ways, Great Wood Camp is an on-going testament to one man’s vision and provision. When John Inchley pitched the tents for the first camp, he could not have foreseen that, many decades later, the site would still be being used to communicate the Gospel to children, young people and adults.

Through the work of Scripture Union in the school holidays and the Great Wood Chaplains throughout the year, the site continues to be a spiritual home for many; a springboard to faith and an important strand in growth and discipleship.

Freddie Keighley has attended many Scripture Union camps at Great Wood.

“Great Wood is a really important place to me.  There have been times when it is hard to own up to being a Christian at school, but because of what I have learned and experienced at camp, I feel more confident in my faith and better able to stand up for what I believe.”

The members of Great Wood Trust* who own and look after the site feel privileged to have been handed John Inchley’s baton. Jan Simmons, now a Trustee, became a Christian on a camp led by “JI”.

“As a Trust we are dedicated to ensuring that Great Wood Camp continues to be a special place, set aside for encounter with the living God.”

Please will you consider adding your own legacy to John Inchley’s?  A gift in your Will could make a huge difference to the on-going ministry of the site.  It’s a way to thank God and to hand on the legacy that we have received from our Christian mentors and forebears to the next generation and beyond.

What is a legacy?

A legacy is simply a gift specified in your Will; it only comes into effect after your lifetime.

Legacies can take one of three forms:

  • Pecuniary: a pre-determined sum of money
  • Specific: property, shares, jewellery, works of art or other items
  • Residual: the balance of your estate when other bequests to loved ones and expenses have been satisfied.

How would your legacy be used?

Great Wood Trust uses legacies to fund development. The majority of our normal running costs are met from site income and donations. Here are some of the developments we have in mind at present:

  1. Expansion of our Chaplaincy ministry;
  2. Development of new activities on site;
  3. Reducing our carbon footprint;
  4. Replacement of the Bosun’s Store

Legal advice

Please consult your solicitor for advice about the most appropriate way to include a legacy to Great Wood Camp in your Will.  If you don’t have a solicitor, the lawyer search at the Lawyers’ Christian Fellowshipmay help you.

Leaving a gift in your Will is tax efficient and can reduce the amount of inheritance tax that needs to be paid.

The next step if you’d like to leave a legacy

If you would like to chat to one of the Trustees about including a legacy to Great Wood Camp in your Will, please contact Rev’d John Simmons on 01258 861915.

On behalf of the many people who will benefit from your generosity in the future, thank you so much.

* Great Wood Trust (GWT) was formed in 2007 and took responsibility for managing Great Wood as from 1st April in that year. In August 2014, Scripture Union (SU) agreed a sale of the freehold of the site to GWT. GWT in turn became an Associated Trust of SU, and GWT gave SU a licence agreement to enable SU to continue to run holidays on site as before. GWT is now wholly responsible for the maintenance and replacement of the buildings on site.