Churches and groups

If your church or group would like to book Great Wood Camp for a weekend, please call 07759 817496 or email Please note that you can only book the site as a whole, not single cabins. If you want to book just one cabin for up to 3 people, how about The Banda?

Great Wood is owned and managed by a charity: the Great Wood Trust, which is legally bound by the charity’s objects.  The trustees can only accept a site booking if it fits with those aims.  Weekends are kept primarily for use by churches and Christian youth groups.  Occasionally weddings may be accommodated – if a close connection exists to the Christian mission of the trust.

The Banda

If you would like to hire the Banda, please call 07759 817496 or email


If your school would like to book Great Wood Camp for a term time activity, please contact Kilve Court on 01278 741270.

Lost property

If you or your child has left anything at Great Wood Camp, please try to track it down through the group who made the booking, i.e. your school, church etc. Unfortunately the website is managed remotely and our Bookings Secretary is unable to help with lost property enquiries.