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Health & safety

Great Wood Camp occupies a field in the middle of a forest. The activities that happen on and around the site make the most of the wonderful outdoor setting.

Walking, orienteering, mountain biking and wide games take place in the woods and combes around Great Wood. On site there is a low ropes course, an archery field, a swimming pool, a stream and the field itself, which is used for games and challenges.

Every reasonable step is taken to ensure that all users of the site are safe and well looked after during their time at camp. All activities have to be risk assessed and a comprehensive risk assessment and method statement has been compiled for use on site, covering most activities. The onus for completing Health & Safety risk assessments is upon the hirer or de facto leader. The GWT has already undertaken a generic site risk assessment which is available for reference. The file containing the current Health & Safety information is freely available and is kept in the camp office.

Archery, swimming and use of the low ropes course can only be undertaken in the presence and under the instruction of a qualified instructor. We can recommend appropriate people at a reasonable hourly rate if you don’t have one of your own. Please contact us to discuss.

In the kitchen, the head chef on any activity (whether under the auspices of SU, GWT or the local education authority) has to prove that they have completed the relevant Food Hygiene and Safety course. Certificates for the regular cooks and instructors on site are displayed on the notice board in the kitchen.