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Jim Rennison


Following an initial invitation from a new school friend, Jim Rennison was a camper at Great Wood through the 1980s at camps under the leadership of John and Jan Simmons. He then joined the “Youth Focus” team and subsequently was a part of the “Space” team under Sue and Andy Keighley for nearly all of its 19 years. It is a foundational part of his faith journey, the place that he met his wife and several of his childrens God-parents. He and Mary have 2 girls – Millie and Jess.

He joined the trust at its formation in 2007 and has been on the board ever since. Previously a pharmacist, Jim stepped sideways several years ago. He is now self-employed and works in property management and maintenance. He is the site manager for his London church – All Saints, Peckham. He has a particular interest in the maintenance of the site, its buildings and facilities – he especially likes inspecting the pool … from the water! Jim loves to get out on the Quantocks by foot or bike – he likes going up them but he really likes coming down!

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