The site and area

The site and area

Ideal for church weekends, youth groups, training events and special events, up to 74 people.
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Holidays and events

Holidays and events

Many summer camps and holidays are run here by Scripture Union and the Great Wood Trust.
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Mess Hut Appeal

We propose to replace the aging Mess Hut, and we need your help

The Banda

Lovely cabin for a retreat, romantic weekend or small family getaway


Patrick Weld particularly works with the schools who visit.

NEWSFLASH: Construction of new Mess Hut to begin in September 2017!


Prayer of the month

Each month the Trustees will post a prayer here. Please join with us in an act of fellowship and commitment.

Dear Lord, thank you for Great Wood and for all it means to us who know and love it. Thank you for the faith journey you take us on and the part that Great Wood has played in this for so many.

We thank you for the generosity that has enabled the trustees to give the go ahead for the new mess hut to be built and we continue to pray that the remaining funds will be secured to complete the project. May the new building glorify you and enable a new generation of campers to seek and find you.

As local schools continue to use the site through the new term, please bless Patrick in his ministry to the children and their teachers, and also in his relationships with the Kilve centre staff, that he may be known as a man of God; upright, strong and reliable.