Great Wood is a wonderful base for Scripture Union events during school holidays and, during term time, is used for outdoor activity weeks for schools.  The Great Wood Trust is committed to building links between these two activities and is especially keen for the Christian heritage of Great Wood to be communicated to the schools who use the site.

ChaplainEnter the Chaplain!

Patrick Weld has been the Great Wood Chaplain since 2013.  His love for the Lord; his integrity; his infectious good humour and his approachability mean that he is wonderfully suited to the role.  He works closely with the staff of Kilve Court (who oversee the schools work on site) and plays a part in the weekly activities of the all the residentials. Typically, he will be on hand to greet schools when they arrive, he will run an assembly during the week and he will be involved in some of the walks and activities.  His story telling is extremely popular!  During the winter months, Patrick makes contact with the schools, visits them and runs discussions and group activities with the pupils.

The importance of what Patrick does cannot be overestimated and his ministry is showing real fruit: schools are requesting more input from him into their programmes and there is an genuine openness to Christianity. This is something new and is very exciting.

Chaplain on beachHelp keep Patrick funded

When the Great Wood Trust bought the site from Scripture Union, the SU funding for Patrick ended.  This means that the Trust has to raise £13,000 a year to keep him in place.  If you feel strongly that this ministry is worthwhile, please help us to keep Patrick in place.  A monthly direct debit is a fantastic way to help because it means that the Trust know how much is coming in regularly, but one off gifts are very welcome too.  Thank you.

Download the leaflet (PDF) to find out more about Patrick and how to support him…