General news — 16 August 2021

Ella’s experience of Families Unlimited 2021 – with video

To some, it’s just an unknown place. To others, it holds such a special place in their heart. In a ‘normal’ summer, Scripture Union block books Great Wood in the Quantock Hills for the whole of the summer holidays and runs a range of camps for children and young people to come and discover Jesus. 

This year has looked a little different but we were delighted to be able to still run some camps there. One of which was Families Unlimited

Ella, aged 7, travelled from Greater Manchester for Families Unlimited, to a place she had never been to before and with no idea what to expect (other than it might rain!). But she very quickly discovered a place that will forever be in her heart.

She found a place to make new friends, from a range of ages and backgrounds, and to experience family worship and community with people who were complete strangers just hours before. And she was free to be a child (without screens and Wi-Fi) as she roamed, explored and simply had one huge adventure. Great Wood was a place where she was helped to explore stories from the Bible in a fun and engaging way that resulted in her running to her room to read her Bible at bedtime! But most of all, through the team, and in the way that the camp was run, she discovered love and kindness. And Jesus was all around – whether she realised it or not.

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General news — 7 May 2020

All 2020 Scripture Union holidays at Great Wood Camp cancelled

We are very sorry to tell you that the Scripture Union events planned for Great Wood over the summer have all been cancelled for 2020.

This will be a big disappointment to many people. Please pray for everyone involved and affected: the young people who were hoping to attend, the leaders, the helpers and for the ongoing ministry of Great Wood Camp itself.

We will of course keep you up to date with developments and hope to run a full programme in 2021, all being well.

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Mess Hut news — 23 July 2019 (updated 29 April 2020)

A heartfelt THANK YOU for Mess Hut contributions

A huge and heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed and participated in the new Mess Hut. What an amazing achievement! Praise the Lord.

The cost of re-building the Mess Hut was just under £890,000. The funds were raised through donations from the Great Wood diaspora (people who are currently involved in camps at Great Wood or who have been involved in the past) and through applications to charitable trusts.

Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed and supported this project.

For more details and pictures, see the new Mess Hut page, or contact the trustees –

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Mess Hut news — 3 June 2019

Hot on the heels of the award that the new Mess Hut received in January, the fantastic new building has won in the “Best Inclusive Building” at the LABC South West Building Excellence Awards on 24 May!

We are thrilled to have been blessed with such a high quality building, particularly one that is so well designed to be inclusive of all people. It is testament to a great deal of hard work by many who were involved, and has proved to be a very worthwhile way to spend the money generously given by Great Wood Camp’s supporters. Thank you.

Speaking of which, there is just a small gap still to close to complete the full cost of the build. Can you help?

Help close the gap

The award was presented to the team at an event with over 350 guests from across the industry, and the win means the building will go forward to the National Finals on 8 November in London. We’ll keep you posted…

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Mess Hut news — 29 January 2019

We are delighted to announce that the new Mess Hut, with which we are very pleased, has been recognised with an award!

The Mess Hut won “Best Public Service Building”, and was highly commended in two further categories: “Best Educational Building” and “Best Small Commercial Project”.

The Somerset Building Partnership Awards invited applications from people who had built structures in
Somerset last year. Out of 2,000 applications, they selected 60 for consideration for an award. The Mess Hut was entered in three of the 12 categories, and won acclaim in all three!

Here are some pictures – and don’t forget, there’s still a need to close the final gap in donations to ensure the whole project is fully paid off. Can you help?

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Mess Hut news — 17 December 2018

New Mess Hut nominated for award

We’ve just heard that our wonderful new Mess Hut has been nominated for Best Commercial Building and Best Inclusive Building at the Somerset Building Control Partnership’s annual awards.

The Mess Hut project has meant a lot to the young people and families who use it, as well as to us as an organisation, so it is great to hear that it has been recognised in terms of the quality of building it is too!

The awards will be presented on Friday 25 January.

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Mess Hut news — 31 October 2017 (updated 1 November 2017)

Now we really are starting to see what the hut will look like, as the roof takes shape with a good sturdy timber frame that will protect people from the elements for generations to come (once the other bits of the roof are arranged around it, of course).

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Mess Hut news — 23 October 2017

Pipework is going in, and the floor plan is starting to take shape. Working rain and shine to get the new Hut up!

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Mess Hut news — 21 September 2017 (updated 25 September 2017)

The first part of the new Mess Hut has been put in place — a solid concrete foundation on which to build. Not only that, but the old foundations are being crushed ready for re-use, wasting as little as we can.

Update 25 September: Four more pictures added from last Friday.

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