General news — 16 August 2021

Ella’s experience of Families Unlimited 2021 – with video

To some, it’s just an unknown place. To others, it holds such a special place in their heart. In a ‘normal’ summer, Scripture Union block books Great Wood in the Quantock Hills for the whole of the summer holidays and runs a range of camps for children and young people to come and discover Jesus. 

This year has looked a little different but we were delighted to be able to still run some camps there. One of which was Families Unlimited

Ella, aged 7, travelled from Greater Manchester for Families Unlimited, to a place she had never been to before and with no idea what to expect (other than it might rain!). But she very quickly discovered a place that will forever be in her heart.

She found a place to make new friends, from a range of ages and backgrounds, and to experience family worship and community with people who were complete strangers just hours before. And she was free to be a child (without screens and Wi-Fi) as she roamed, explored and simply had one huge adventure. Great Wood was a place where she was helped to explore stories from the Bible in a fun and engaging way that resulted in her running to her room to read her Bible at bedtime! But most of all, through the team, and in the way that the camp was run, she discovered love and kindness. And Jesus was all around – whether she realised it or not.

Posted on 16 August 2021 in General news.