Mess Hut news — 20 December 2018 (updated 7 January 2019)

Mess Hut fundraising update

The new Mess Hut has been greatly appreciated by all the young people and leaders who used it over the summer. We have now negotiated a final cost with our builders, and there’s just 3% left to raise!

The building costs were £714,280. With professional fees, furnishings, the adaptation of other buildings on site and sundry other costs, our total spend on the Mess Hut is £876,890. To this we are now adding solar panels at a cost of £11,605, making a grand total of £888,495.

After taking into account future pledges of around £20,000, our appeal currently stands at £864,897, which is 97% of the total bill — thanks to many wonderful supporters.

Can you help with the last 3%? We just need to raise a further £23,598. Thank you!

Chip in now

For more details and pictures, see the new Mess Hut page, or contact the trustees –

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